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Meet the SmartCore Team

Tom Rothrock

Senior Director of Training, Development and Personnel Assessment

As an executive member of the SmartCore solutions team, Tom brings expertise in two critical areas: pre-hire and coaching behavioral assessment and curriculum content development of customized sales and sales management training programs. He also serves as the Director of Curriculum Development and Delivery with SmartCore’s sister company, Interactive Resource Group in Denver, Colorado.

Tom has 12 years of experience in the pre-hire and coaching behavioral assessment environment. Using the Profile XT assessment, he has analyzed the Profile results of over 2,000 pre-hire candidates as well as current employees for a wide range for Fortune 500 companies engaged in publishing, software, medical equipment manufacturing, bio-tech, finance and contract research activities. He has developed over 500 behavioral and skill based benchmarks which his clients have successfully utilized to recruit, measure and retain top performing personnel. In pursuing those activities, Tom maintains a steadfast adherence to customizing each step of the assessment process to his clients’ environment, culture and need. Tom also performs extensive “post-assessment” consulting activities, assuring the adaptation and implementation of assessment outcomes.

Tom’s strengths in training content development emphasize clients’ collaboration. As Director of Curriculum Development and Delivery with Interactive Resource Group for 12 years, Tom has specialized in developing training content directly applicable to the client's environment and needs by completing extensive surveys and interviews toward providing a "roadmap" for the clients' training program outcomes. By doing so, clients have benefited from specific, validated and customized content which assures participant "buy-in" and avoids the expense and time associated with adapting "canned" content. Additionally, Tom has designed and executed training outcome follow-up measures, to confirm that training objectives are both measured and enacted.

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