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Do You Know The Impact CHINA Is Having On Your Business?
Is Your Business China Ready?

From large companies looking to stay profitable to small-to-midsize firms reluctantly following their shifting customer base – the pull of China is impacting everybody. And that impact has only just begun. China is at the center of attention for Western business…and there's one core question: Are You China Ready?

Threats and Opportunities

The "Gold Rush" mania of American companies racing to establish first-to-market beachheads in China is largely over. In its wake, a new reality has emerged. Like it or not, China is a fire-breathing and consuming market force that not even small U.S. businesses can afford to ignore. It can represent both significant corporate threat as well as immense opportunity. However, solution paths are fraught with overt and covert pitfalls even as China has become a legitimate competitor for jobs, markets, customers and even product innovation.

Whether you consider China a threat or an opportunity, or both, your business needs a plan. Even if you can’t envision a strategic offensive initiative that includes a physical company presence in China, your long-term growth may depend on how you position yourself defensively. Your global competition is surely not asleep at the wheel, and local Chinese firms are eager to tap the large and profitable U.S. market.

China Readiness Assessment and Action Plan

Fortunately, we can help you. Steven Ganster, noted author of The China Ready Company and managing director of Technomic Asia (a division of Tompkins International) leads a team that delivers a complete China solution. From analysis and strategic planning, all the way to tactical execution, we have the experience and the expertise.

Talk to us about your business potential in China.