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About SmartCore Business Solutions

SmartCore Business Solutions, LLC began in 2005 as a consulting firm focused on sales, marketing, leadership and organizational development. By 2009, the company had developed into a broad-based, multi-disciplinary C-Level virtual consortium providing executive management services to a wide range of industries. The company’s value proposition is predicated on the notion that emerging, transitional and growing organizations often do not have all of the in-house expertise and resources required to reach their business objectives. To serve that need, SmartCore has connected highly successful individuals who desire to offer and share their experience and knowledge in order to help companies realize their vision.

With core values of honesty, integrity, honor and a “client-first” ethos, SmartCore has reversed the typical consultant / client business model by creating a solutions-oriented environment focused on putting the customer’s interest first and delivering a high return on their investment. And unlike many management consulting firms, SmartCore has the ability to support their clients all the way to successful plan execution. In essence, embracing a “win-win-win” philosophy whereby the customer “win” is understood to be the cornerstone of success has allowed SmartCore to produce extraordinary results. We look forward to sharing how we may do the same for your organization.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our business was looking to have someone give us feedback and guidance on our direction and strategy. SmartCore came to our offices and quickly put together a detailed analysis on the approaches we had been taking as well helped us map out new successful initiatives. Having them analyze and provide strategic business guidance was money very well spent."
— CEO, KeyArt Publishing

"When our company needed hyper-accurate financial projections and a robust marketing strategy that would span a transition period of massive growth, we turned to SmartCore. Victor Watts and his team of passionate corporate executives provide the perfect recipe for innovation, flexibility, and lightning fast responsiveness."
— Greg Williams, President,
New Centurion Solutions, Inc.

"I have worked with the team at Smartcore Solutions for the past six months and my experience has been outstanding. They are a company of consultants that have actually done my job in the past (as well as been CFO, CEO, Board Members, etc) so they understood exactly what I needed from them. There was very little learning curve; they hit the ground running which made the services extremely cost effective. I would highly recommend them for many different types of business consulting and development efforts and would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise."
— Tina Gravel, Vice President, Global Programs Channels and Alliances
Terremark Worldwide, Inc.