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Innovation to Market Realization
Accelerating Life Sciences Ideas and Technologies from BENCH to UTILIZATION.

The challenges involved with driving innovation and technology from bench to utilization are not to be underestimated. Identifying a better pathway to translating discoveries by a university towards a path to product development requires big and perhaps even disruptive approaches.

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There is a growing awareness among academicians and commercial organizations that the status quo is not the path forward. The purpose behind the formation of the SmartCore Life Sciences Strategy Group is to engage in new ways of thinking in order to discover alternative paths to taking innovation to the marketplace. In order to achieve this goal, we bring science-oriented business acumen and a unique approach to funding to help you bridge the GAP that is too often found between Discovery and Industry. 

Our commitment is to be a partner with universities and researchers to accelerate ideas, technologies and Intellectual Property to effective utilization. Whether the end game is a long term development partnership for product development, a spin out focused on commercialization, or philanthropic, we believe that we have found an approach that will ultimately allow universities to drive the change necessary to achieve a better and more efficient path to product development. For us at SmartCore, our commitment to this goal has produced excitement and potential. Both are accompanied by the expectation of great achievement.

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