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Your painless path to RECOVERY.

The Situation

  • The HealthCare Industry is a highly complex system with constantly changing requirements and demands for patient care and provider compensation.
  • Denied or disputed Insurance Claims constitute a major portion of a practice or medical facility’s delinquent revenue. Money is being left on the table because of improperly processed claims.
  • Claims are stalled or denied consistently because of wrong coding, inaccurate clinical notes or small administrative issues. Use of current coding knowledge, best practice expertise, and persistence are required to resolve and capture this delayed revenue stream.

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The Prescription

For PAIN RELIEF - Call our industry-experienced professionals at SmartCore HealthCare Solutions TODAY at 919-418-6338 . Schedule time to learn, in a concise 15 minute presentation, how our solutions will resolve your insurance A/R problems.


Learn how we take your pain away from identifying and capturing revenue you are leaving on the “insurance” table. Allow us to help you do what you do best – focus on quality patient care.

The Effect

SmartCore HealthCare Solutions immediately:

  • Identifies, Engages, and Collects the delinquent insurance-related claims
  • Provides an analysis and updating of claims coding to optimize timely and clean claim reimbursement
  • Reviews your medical billing process and procedures to ensure best practices, compliance and highest reimbursement potential
  • Generates clear, concise and easily understood reporting for continued process improvement and revenue capture.

About Us

We are a proven practice of experienced specialists who align with your practice or medical facility and help you create and capture more revenue! Our in-depth understanding of the medical billing and revenue cycle as well as our experienced business acumen allows us to help you achieve more success in your business. Our goal is to take the pain out of running your business and achieving your revenue and management goals so that you can continue to focus on Quality Patient Care and stress-free days.

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