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Meet the SmartCore Team

Stephen Parker

Executive Partner / Chief Technology Officer / Business Strategist / M&A

Stephen is a senior executive with extensive domestic and international success in leading divisions of Fortune 100 and start-up companies. These experiences include notable brands from IBM, SBS, and global high tech start-ups. Over the past 20 years he has significant global experience as a chief executive in the technology, GreenTech, Manufacturing Solutions, Software, Cloud solutions, and business to business technology products. Currently Stephen is the CTO of Smartcore Solutions, CEO of KPI Advisers, Board Member for a biotech construction company, and the, CTO of a Disney spin-off Ideas Orlando.

Stephen utilizes a "hands-on" style to capital efficient transformation. He is renowned as a capital efficient restructuring expert. He holds patents in lean enabling technologies and has worked with a number of large corporations implementing world class efficiency improvement programs including, Danaher, IBM, NTT, Tokai Rika, Bharti, AT&T, Singapore Tel, MCI, BT, Hong Kong Tel, Lear Corporation, Telstra, Verizon, Bell Canada, Time Warner Telecom, China Unicom, Saudi Telephone, New Zealand Tel, Case New Holland, DJ Orthopedic, Pentair, and the Russian Ministry of Communications to name a few. With an under graduate focus in Technology Management, Stephen has accomplished executive Management certification at the University of Virginia–Darden School and the Harvard School of Business. He has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous global conferences on technology market management and "The Impact of the Financial Market Meltdown".

During his former Board Directorship for development stage company, Hydrogen Engine, the company sourced all ground operations hydrogen engines for the "all green" Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Additional stewardships by Stephen include Board Director for a manufacturing company and a member of the advisory board for east and west coast venture capital funds. The parents of two sons and a daughter, he and his wife Lynda reside in Raleigh NC.

  • Senior International Executive – IBM, SBS, and start-ups
  • Green, Manufacturing, and Cloud technology expert
  • Led Successful Turnarounds and restructuring of Global Large Cap and Privately Held Companies
  • Experienced in M&A, Green, Software, and Manufacturing Technology Businesses.
  • Managed in all glbal geographies – large caps and start-ups
  • Accelerated Growth in Start-up and Mature Businesses
  • Principal Patent Author for G2.5 Wireless Data Technology
  • Seasoned Sales Executive. Led $1B IBM Global Solution Sales Unit
  • Secured substantial levels of capital over past 9 years

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